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Cake PushUp Ideas

Cake PushUps are one of the dessert novelties from 2013!  They are fun, delicious, colorful, and perfect for celebrations for the young or adult crowd.

You can order our Southern Cake and Liqueur Cake selections for your upcoming gathering.  Here are some wonderful ways you can display our delicious Cake Push Ups for your guests.

x011.jpg x001.jpg x007.jpg
Let them stand out! Attach the lids to the stem to get this look. Feeling fruity?  Add fresh fruit garnish to get this look. Here's how you go from sprinkly childs play to grown-up fun!
x013.jpg  x014.jpg



A simple black ribbon adds such sophistication.  Garnish rim with sugar  - especially for our Lime and Strawberry Margartita Cakes.  Go Big, Go Grand with a custom stand!
x005.jpg x002.jpg x010.jpg
Monogram labels add to your theme.  Party cupcake picks make a great scrapbook keepsakes.  Keep it simple and DIY with a display for them all.


We can help you get the accessories you want for your next event.  Just ask!