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Dessert CLUB Member

Monthly Dessert Club Information



Month Dessert Clubs offer deep discounts, free shipping, and other benefits to its VIP Members. As a Monthly Dessert Club member you will enjoy a different dessert every month from the category of your choice.  Each month shipment is guaranteed 12-15 servings, so go ahead and plan your gatherings with confidence.

  • Your desserts will arrive the same time every month, unless you choose to make  changes to your monthly schedule.  If you're planning a vacation or have holiday plans, just let us know when and where and we'll adjust your schedule to fit your needs.  Then, we'll go right back to your normal schedule and shipping location.
  • Club Members also get reduced to FREE shipping.The longer the subscription the cheaper the shipping!  Choose from 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, or 1-Year monthly subscription. 
  • Dessert Samples are the extra delicious bonus for Club Members! Along with your monthly desserts, don't be surprised to find delicious samples of something new for you to try.
  • (NEW!) Bonus 1,000 Rewards Points are automatically applied to your account for every Club you join.
  • (NEW!)  CLUB Purchase Rewards Points earned upfront! No more waiting until your subscription ends.  When your 1st shipment is marked "shipped",  the total rewards points earned for your Club purchase are added.
  • (NEW!) Personal VIP Discount Code just for you. Throughout the life of your Club Subscription you can use your personal discount code to discount additional purchasing. It's okay to share but, the personal discount code is attached to your email address and can only be used when logged-in to your account. If your personal discount code is higher than the current promotion, you can use your personal discount code for greater savings! That's right, you can override a sale. 


Life happens, and sometimes you need to make changes.  Here is our policy on Monthly Dessert Club subscriptions:

Moving, Vacationing, Gifting a Month  

Updating or changing your address is easy! Simple email, Live Chat, or call us directly.  Let us know if you are:

  • moving and changing your address permanently
  • vacationing and would like your month shipped to your vacation location
  • vacationing and would like your month delayed until you return
  • or you are gifting a month and would it shipped to someone else.
Canceling your Club Subscription  
We understand that there could be a number of life changing reasons why you would need to cancel your subscription. You won't have to lose out or give it away because we issue refunds on the balance of unused months. Just notify us via email, Live Chat, or call us directly.  
Determining Balance Due on Canceled Subscriptions  
The balance due on canceled subscriptions depends on your subscription and the months you purchased. At the point of cancellation, we first determine the number of unused months (number of months purchased number of months shipped. Next we determine the value of unused months by dividing your subscription by number of months at seventy percent. Finally, we multiply the value of each month by the number of unused months to determine your balance due. Upon determination we will notify you via email of your balance due and schedule payment to be issued to you via Paypal.