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Dessert Trends


Trend #1: Hand Painted Cakes 
Creative, unique, and very artistic! Hand painted fondant cakes adds the creative aspect that you've been looking for.  Realistic hand painted cakes are few and far between. In addition, this style works well when trying to mimic the vintage china and printed fabrics that are often included in other areas of the wedding decor.



Trend #2: Top Tier Only (aka DRIP CAKES)
Need something small, celebratory, yet special?  How about our Top-Tier Only Cakes. And you won't miss out on any flavors and options either.  You can still have the cake of your dreams, just in a smaller version.  Budget friendly, small wedding friendly, and extra special. These over-the-top Drip Cakes add fantasy to cakes of any flavor!  Perfect for Birthday, Dessert Tables, or as a Wedding Cake alternative. So creatively delicious that no 2 cakes are the same.

Trend #3: Desserts Tables , Bars, and Stations
Sweet tables have been very popular for a few years now.  Brides are opting to forgo a traditional wedding cake for a selection cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and bite-sized edibles. You can still have a wedding cake if you like but the dessert table offer more options, colors, and flavors for your guests to enjoy.
Trend #4: Simple and Delicious
Favorite desserts like cheesecake, cake balls, or brownies and cookies are some of the best choices you can make to serve your guests.  Choose one type of dessert that you love and offer a few delicious options.  Guests will enjoy the array of familiar desserts.  Simple and delicious always works out for the best! 
Trend #5: Rustic, Vintage, Romantic
These themes transcends the event without the cost of over the top decor.  Natural, nostalgic, rustic, vintage, romantic, handmade decor adds the elements you need to these themes and you probably have then in your home already.  Barn Weddings and Outdoor parties are just a few of the locations that add the finishing touch!
Trend #6: Naked Cakes
There's two possible reason why Naked Cakes could be on the rise this year: Not everyone wants the extra calories of frostings or, simply because they're pretty.  Whichever the reason, we think Naked Cakes are here to stay. They have a distinctive style that transcends with any party decor.