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Dessert CLUB Member

Monthly Dessert Club Information



As a Monthly Dessert Club Member you will enjoy a different dessert every month from the category of your choice.  Guaranteed to serves 12-15, you can plan your gatherings with confidence.

  • Your desserts will arrive the same time every month, unless you choose to make  changes to your monthly schedule.  If you're planning a vacation or have holiday plans, just let us when and where and we'll adjust your schedule to fit your needs.   Then, we'll go right back to your normal schedule and shipping location.
  • Club Members also get reduced to FREE shipping.  Choose from 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, or 1-Year monthly subscription.  The longer the subscription the cheaper the shipping!
  • Dessert Samples are the extra delicious bonus for Club Members! Along with your monthly desserts, don't be surprised to find a delicious sample serving of something new for you to try.
  • (NEW!)  1,000 Rewards Points are automatically applied to your account for every Club you join.
  • (NEW!) Personal VIP Discount Code assigned to you for you to use throughout the life of your Club Subscription.