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Falling In Love Dessert Table - Serves 121 to 242

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3 wks Advance order req'd
85.30 LBS
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Cakes up to seven days will maintain freshness and quality, while Cake Balls up to 30. Frozen: Up to several months will maintain freshness. For best results, slice cake, wrap in wax paper and individual freezer bags to avoid freezer burn. Let thaw
Available for shipping or local dessert catering.
Please order at least 30 days or more in advance!

Falling In Love Dessert Table Package

The Falling In Love Dessert Table includes 1-Main desserts (2-Tier Fancy) and dessert varieties. If you like this style Dessert Table, use it as a base to create a Dessert Table for your event.

  • Servings: 242
  • Guests: 121 - 185
  • Arrival: Shipping or Local Delivery
  • Shipping: Layer Cakes ship Overnight Air w/Ice and easy to stack tiers; Cupcakes are shipped as Cupcakes In A Jar only; costs included in above price
  • Weight: 85.3 lbs
  • Priced Individually: $ 1,357.


CONTENTS included in this Dessert Table Package:

  • 1 - 2-Tiered Layer Cake (6" and 8") 
    • 1-Flavor Choice
    • Servings: 35
  • 48 -  Cupcakes 
    • Up to 4 Flavor Choices
    • Servings: 48
  • 108 (9 doz) -  Cookies 
    • Up to 4 Flavor Choices
    • Servings: 54
  • 72 - Mini Pies 
    • 3-Flavor Choice
    • Servings: 72
  • 36 -  Caramel Apples 
    • Servings: 36
  • FREE SUPPLIES Include:
    • 8 Clear Stem Cake Plates
    • 6 Clear Serving Tongs
    • 1 Clear Cake Knives
    • 5 Clear Round Serving Trays


To add additional items simply select those items along with this Dessert Table Package.

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For most of Dessert Table Packages we offer FREE Sample Trays. We ask that you order at least 1month before your event. Sample Trays are created according to your Dessert Table selections and will include samples of most all the items included in this Dessert Table Package.

  • If you are ordering your Dessert Table now, there is no need to add a Sample Tray to this order.  You will receive a FREE Sample Tray automatically with this Dessert Table order.
  • If you are NOT ordering the Dessert Table now - Order the Sample Tray now.  To get a custom Sample Tray for FREE, order now and the $55 will be applied to your Dessert Table order.
All of our Dessert Table and Dessert Catering Services includes applicable supplies: Serving Trays Dessert Plates Cake Balls Cups Cake Pop ribbon & cello wrap Cake Cutters Pie Cutters Party Planning Consulting to encompass your theme, colors, and details