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Hazelnut Liqueur Cake Balls

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SHIPS WELL EVEN IN SUMMER WEATHER. While our special chocolate blend does not completely melt in warm weather, it does soften. Refrigerate immediately upon arrival.
Hazelnut Liqueur:
Frangelico Liqueur is a hazelnut and herb-based liqueur produced in Italy. The origins of Frangelico date back more than 300 years to the existence of early Christian monks living in the hills of Northern Italy. According to Barbero, the manufacture
For the Hazelnut lover! Enjoy our light and smooth vanilla bean cake enhanced with Frangelico Liqueur. This liqueur blends well with the vanilla pudding based of this cake and really gives an intense hazelnut flavor to the overall cake.We rolled our Hazelnut Liqueur in our own Hazelnut Butter cream frosting, dipped in premium milk chocolate, and lightly sprinkled with freshly chopped Hazelnuts!