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Sweet Deals


Select your favorite Cheesecake, Layer Cake, Cobbler, Cupcake, or Bread Pudding then use the SIZE OPTION to select your favorite item IN A JAR. 

The CABIN FEVER Sales Event ENDS: Feb. 24th

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Here are some ways to maximize your savings when shopping with us:

  • Public Promotions every month - check with us often to see what's happening
  • Private Promotions to our dessert-lovin' family - join our email list to stay informed.
  • Rewards Points cash-back program - rewards points are earned when your order is marked "shipped". 
  • Incentive Credits earned for milestone purchasing - another incentive for frequent shoppers.
  • VIP Club Member - personal Discounts Codes issued to Monthly Dessert Club members.

While all incentives earned can be used during a single purchase, oftentimes only 1 discount code can be used per order/purchase. In other words, if you are placing an order you may use Rewards Points + Customer Credit  +  Incentive Credits + Discount Code  during checkout.  However, our platform will generally NOT ALLOW you to use multiple discount codes on a single order.  For example:  Discount Code + Discount Code  +  Discount Code. 

Therefore, if you have more than one discount code you would like to use, YOU MAY have to place separate orders: 

  • IF THE ITEMS YOU WANT TO PURCHASE ARE DIFFERENT our system may accept multiple discount codes.
  • IF THE ITEM YOU WANT ARE THE SAME our system will NOT allow you to reduce the item with several discount codes.