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White Chocolate Pecan Layer Cake

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Baked when ordered. Ships within 3 days!
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Flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, White Chocolate, Milk, Vanila Extract, Pecans, Cream Cheese, Butter, Confectioners Sugar
Triple Layered Cake Serves 15
Two-Layered Cake Serves 8-8
Penthouse Cakes Serves 4 easily;STORAGE=Refrigerate: Up to 5 days will maintain its freshness
Can slice and freeze up to 30 days.":
Coming soon!
Our White Chocolate Pecan Cake just makes you want to share! Once you bite into the savory richness, you will want to run out and tell someone how delicious it is. A delicately light and melt-in-your mouth blend enhanced with premium white chocolate, and pecans baked right in the cake.All the rich flavors are there. Distinct, yet blends well together. Finely chopped pecans, add little crunch but lots of aroma and flavor. Frosted with our homemade White Chocolate frosting and Finely Chopped Pecans.