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Authentic SOUTHERN CAKES ~~ Bring Back the Good Old Days!

Authentic SOUTHERN CAKES ~~ Bring Back the Good Old Days!

Posted by Lysa Jenkins | Founder | Dessert.netCAFE Online Bakery on 10th May 2017

What ever happened to those amazing cakes that our Mom and Grandma used to make?

Scratch-baked, real butter, fresh fruit, and homemade frosting?  We had the same question in 2006 and now, you can have those cakes from 'days gone by'. CAFE brings back the 'good old days'.

Our Southern Cake selections includes them all:  7Up, Coconut Cake, German Chocolate, Sock-It-To-Me, Black Walnut Pound, Caramel Cake, Classic Carrot Cake, Cassata Cake-Cleveland Style, Brooklyn Black Out, Hummingbird, Pineapple Upside Down, Red Velvet,  and many more.

Our mission is to bring back the appreciation for long forgotten historical cakes , promote deliciousness over trendy, and showcase the beauty of artisan baking as upscale. To do that successfully we knew that if our menu was going to consist of historical cakes they had to be authentic. That's why we research and test all of our recipes to ensure that we are bringing you the original textures, flavors, and quality intended in each delicious baked good. 

In short, Cafe had to offer the best southern cakes and desserts online.

We are able to offer such a wide selection of Southern Cakes and Baked Goods because we bake-to-order.  In 2006 CAFE was the 1st online-only Bakery that shipped cakes.  To date, we still are. So, when we say "you order, we bake",  we mean it.  This affords us the ability to personalize your order.  For example, you may love Carrot Cake but really wish it didn't have walnuts on it.  Well, we can do that, because we are baking the cake specially for you. Cafe is an amazing business - it's a happy business!  Customers are nostalgic, often gifting or celebrating, always excited and anxious.  Everyday is a good day here.  We enjoy talking to customers, creating dessert menus for their parties, or helping them decide what they would like to try first.  Yeah, what we provide genuinely makes others happy and bring back the 'good old days'.