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Online Bakeries – the convenience and advantages

Online Bakeries – the convenience and advantages

24th Dec 2014

The right Artisan baker will certainly make a difference for your daily bread. Café Online Bakery is the kind of bakery where you will find all natural products, with no additives or preservatives.Our online bakery is setup to bake when you order the most natural of bakery products from bundt and layered cakes, to cookies, or loaves of freshly baked quick bread.We are not a traditional storefront bakery; we are dessert caterers.Therefore, we take personal attention to each customer, bake and ship fresh, and there are certainly no boxed cakes here.All shipped to you straight from our hot ovens to your front door.-Southern cakes, Liqueur cakes
Take pleasure in the many conveniences and advantages an online bakery will fetch you. When you sign in to our website and join our mailing list, we will add $6.95 to your customer account that you can redeem when you order.

Round the year, we offer exclusive deals to repeat customers during holidays and their family events.Our online bakery uses the Artisan method of fresh local produce, quality ingredients, and bakes from scratch the old traditional way. When you visit our website, you will see we offer a full, fresh baked menu of homemade cakes, cheesecakes, coffeecake, pies, dessert gifts, and low calorie selections.Our menu brings back delicious childhood memories of the cakes, brownies, cookies, and puddins’ that Grandma used to make. All of the historical cakes and baked goods remain true to the original quality of the recipe, while some have been modified to improve on nutritional factors like sugar, trans fat, or cholesterol intake.Oftentimes, we may use fresh fruit, puree’s, as a natural sweetener in our bakes.

The real beauty of our online bakery is that we never close, so you can order your favorite dessert, freshly baked from our ovens, and shipped right at your doorstep, anytime. Having a party or celebrating a special occasion?We will help you create a deliciously memorable Dessert Table that every guest will enjoy.In addition, you will save money with our Dessert Catering services too.Industry statistics show that a dessert table with a variety of colorful, bite-sized desserts, are not only preferred by your guests, it can be up to 40% cheaper that a custom wedding cake! Café Online Bakery offers the biggest and the best tasting southern cakes and gourmet desserts online. You will love the melt in your mouth pound cakes, brownies, and cookies; the soft and fresh cupcakes and muffins; along with our selection of cocktail inspired liqueur cakes and cake balls.

You will also notice that our website is interactive, allowing you to select product sizes, desired servings, with or without nuts, custom tinted chocolate colors, and more.So not only do we bake fresh when you order, we bake it the way you like it as well. Visit our website today and sign up to become part of our dessert-lovin’ family. Yes, shopping at your favorite bakery, having a personal baker, or needing dessert catering, just got a lot easier.No more travelling long distances or standing in long lines, because something delicious is just a click away! cakes