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Dessert Table Anatomy

Dessert Tables 101

Creating a beautiful dessert table can be done quite easily if you understand the basic components the professionals use.  We used an Amy Atlas Dessert Table as a premier example of how to style your table.

We chose this table because it's colorful, simple, and effortless to recreate.  The color scheme can be used for most any occasion, the styling is universal, and the selection of delicious desserts would be familiar to your guests.

To create this table at your next party, here are the components that you will need to re-create this look:

1 Table    
1 Table Cloth/Covering    
2 Accent Pieces    
2 Sets of Table Grafitti    
1 Main Dessert/Tiered Cake  Southern, Liqueur, Specialty Cakes  35 slices
1 Cake Stand - Main Item Table Accessories  
2 2nd Height Desserts

Cake Balls, Chocolate Dipped

36 portions

2 2nd Height Stands    
2 3rd Height Desserts

Cake Balls

12 portions

2 3rd Height Bowls    
7 4th/Flat Desserts

Brownies, Cupcakes, Chocolate Dipped

7 4th/Flat Serving Dishes    
    Total SERVINGS Shown: 156

GUESTS to serve:

Most of the desserts shown here are for "nibbling" so you're not going to serve as many guests .

50 - 75


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