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FAQ - Catering

Important questions to ask every Baker or Caterer before hiring:

How many years have you been baking and providing catering services? Cafe has been an Online Bakery & Dessert Caterer since 2006.  Back then it wasn't common - - you would only find retail cookie and food companies "announcing" their local establishments with websites.  While the concept of visualizing their menu was wonderful for local business, few, if any, took to the idea of shipping cakes and desserts. Cafe took the initiative.

Do you offer free tasting samples of your cakes and gourmet desserts?
We offer FREE Dessert Samples as would any bakery.  Although we're online, we do try to model some the 'expectancies' of a traditional bakery.  

Our Dessert Sample Trays are shipped with a variety of sample-sized desserts.  They are designed to give the you the opportunity to assess shipping time, packaging, quality, and of course, taste and presentation.  While we do charge for our
Dessert Sample Trays, we offer a 100% money-back credit against your Dessert Table order and our Dessert Catering Services.  Thus, making our samples FREE!

Do you freeze your cakes and gourmet desserts, or are they baked fresh for the event?
It's a very rare occasion that we have a reason to freeze our fresh baked goods. We don't use preservatives or boxed cake mixes either.  Fresh, made-from-scratch, and baked-to-order is the very heart of what we do.  Always, always, always made from scratch, with quality ingredients.  The concept of Cafe is based on homemade, southern desserts.  Everyone knows that homemade means from scratch, and southern means the best, all natural ingredients you can find.

Consideringwe're an online dessert cafe, we don't have desserts sitting on a shelf waiting to be ordered and shipped. This concept allows us to spend time creating and testing recipes, and of course...baking orders for customers.

Are your desserts prepared in advance or prepared on-site?
Generally we bake on-site of your catered events.  However, depending on the venue you choose and /or the quantity of guests to serve, we may bake select items prior to arrival.  This method is strictly for saving us time and saving you money.

For example, we may save time by preparing a large quantity of cake balls, pre-arrival, needing only to dip and decorate on-site.  Certain liqueur cakes that require a baste and overnight rest will be baked prior to arrival also.

To save you money, there is no additional charge to pre-baking, time or other methods of preparing for your event.

What is the cost per serving of my desired dessert?
Your cost per serving depends solely on the desserts and quantity you choose.  Drop-Off Catering and Local Delivery are the most economical.  Catering a party or event increases depending on the number of guests, menu selection, and the length of the event.  However, we do pride ourselves in saying that most any selection you make from our menu is guaranteed to be an average of 40% less than the total cost of a single custom decorated cake - especially wedding cakes!

How can you "Cater by Mail"?
We use the term "catering by mail" when a customer orders large quantity of desserts, obviously for a party. Chances are we've assisted these customers in their menu selection, so we are well aware that we are shipping for some type of celebration.

What is your delivery or Dessert Table set-up fee? 
With local on-site catering services, setting up and breaking down your Dessert Table is included in our quoted rate.  There's no additional or hidden charges. Our minimum cost for catered events is $500, which covers up to 3 hours of serving, desserts for about 16 guests, and staff/servers.

What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that life happens and things change.  You can literally cancel your order at any time. Considering our Catering Services are scheduled at minimum 10-days in advance, our cancellation fees are based on a 3-point production scale:

  • Initial Order - 100% refundable up to 90 days prior to event.
  • Stock Point - 50% refundable up to 60 days prior to event.
  • Production Point - 25% refundable up to 14 days prior to event.

Will the person making my desserts be the one meeting with me on the initial call?
Absolutely!  We're a small, family-operated business, which allows us to provide personal services, and fresh baked goods.  Each member of our staff has a specific role. Once your order or quote request is received, the same individual will work with you all the up to the event.  We will review the initial order quote request or other inquiry, specifically to assist the client with developing a dessert menu that works well together and with the preceding meal, wine and beverages.  Personally working with each client is the only way to ensure the clients needs are understood and met!

Do you offer serving trays, brownies trees, cupcake trees and other rentals?
With our resources, we have access to everything you're looking for.  And if you want something new and original, we can have it created for you!  Just ask us.

How many events does your business cater in a given month?
That fluctuates greatly.  We generally have 3 "seasons" throughout the year that are very busy and booked well in advance.  Corporate events can happen at any given month, and milestone celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries and engagement happen throughout the year.  Our catering of an event also includes those with which we are not on-site.  So we consider any order that serves more than 12 a party or event.  With that said, 2/3 of our monthly orders are catered orders, some on-site, some shipped.

Do you freeze or preserve cakes for the one year anniversary?
No we do not.  However, we give you instructions for preserving each cake we serve, for that very reason.  Depending on the customers selections, we may offer to bake and identical anniversary cake the following year, if we know that a particular dessert choice will not preserve.

Do you use fresh flowers to decorate the dessert buffet tables?
Only if you choose.  Traditionally, we use beautiful cake plates, stands, vases, bowls, dessert trees, and trays to display our desserts.  Because we work with your party planner on-site to bring together the decor on the dessert table, we may use additional flowers, balloons, streamers and other accessories that you prefer as well.