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Our Story

Founded in 2006
Las Vegas, NV Cafe is the 1st online-only bakery!  We specialize in authentic historical southern cakes and cocktail-inspired liqueur cakes - made from scratch. Shipping cakes and dessert catering events is what we do.

Our mission is to bring back the appreciation for long forgotten historical cakes, promote deliciousness over trendy, and showcase the beauty of artisan baking as upscale.To do that successfully we knew that if our menu was going to consist of historical cakes they had to be authentic. That's why we research and test all of our recipes to ensure that we are bringing you the original textures, flavors, and quality intended in each delicious baked good.

 Every delicious creation is always baked upon order, so you know your dessert will always be bursting with flavor and the absolute freshest! Our fresh baked menu is not mass produced, has no preservatives, and always made from scratch - - using family and historical recipes handed down for generations. 

Everyone knows that 'made from scratch' is synonymous with the South. Anyone that cooks southern foods knows that a 'good cook' doesn't depend solely on measuring, she uses her instincts and her senses. She listens for the perfect temperature of frying oil; looks for specific color of crusts; feels for texture in cakes; smells when breads are just about ready, and most importantly, tastes for flavors and tenderness.

 I personally believe that "the southern cuisine is a level of cooking that can't be taught - you have to be reared in it."  While rooted in the South, the southern cuisine is a significant mainstay in American history and enjoyed by various cultures. Cafe enjoys bringing back great childhood memories with scratch-baked goods. I mean what could be more comforting than good conversation with good friends while enjoying a good dessert?  In fact, that's exactly how Cafe was founded!

So, come on in, 'sit for a spell' and join our dessert-lovin' family!  We would be honored to serve you, your guests, and be a part of the conversation.
Lysa Jenkins