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Returns & Refunds

Your satisfaction is our business!  Your order is 100% insured and refundable.

Even with all the steps we take to protect your item, damages can still occur.  Upon arrival, if your package has incurred damage during shipping, complete the Post Office Form 2856 immediately and TAKE A PICTURE of the box and contents.  Then notify us via phone or email that your package was received damaged AND include photos. In turn, we will immediately place a Damaged Item Claim with the Post Office.

You may choose to: 

  • Have the damaged goods replaced/ re-shipped
  • Receive a Customer credit applied to your account for the amount of the damaged goods.
  • Receive a Refund up to 100% of your order
How Long Does It Take To Process a Refund?
The post office Damage Claim process can take up to 10 days for a decision is made and refund to be received from the Post Office.  Upon approval and receipt of payment from the post office, your refund will be issued. 
Only Some Items were Damaged During Shipping, how much should you request to be refunded?
When multiple items are in your order, Claims and Refunds are issued for the damaged items only. Your refund does not include undamaged items nor shipping costs.

Our menu is designed to ship well with 2-day and Overnight shipping. Your 3-day zone may not be ideal for your selection of highly perishable items (i.e. Fruit topped cakes, Cobblers, Cheesecakes).  We will attempt notify you via email or phone to recommend a shipping upgrade to 2-day or 1-day EXPRESS shipping, and inform you of the upgraded shipping cost available via USPS, UPS, and FEDEX.

Highly perishable items are identified in the product descriptions (fruit topped cakes, cheesecakes etc.  Please consider your location and warm weather conditions when ordering these items. For example, ordering a Pineapple Upside Down Cake, with 2-day shipping to Arizona, in August, is not recommended.  If you decline to upgrade the recommended shipping, we will not be responsible and will not replace your order in the event the items arrive perished.


Delayed Shipping by UPS: If your order does not arrive within the purchased shipping time frame (2-day, 1-day, or 3-day), and you believe your order has perished, you may request a refund. Please follow the Request for Refund steps above.

Late Arrival: If your order arrives after your requested 'Arrive By' and was shipped within the Priority Time Frame by us to arrive on time, you will need to REFUSE THE DELIVERY before requesting a refund. If you are not home when the delivery arrives, simply mark the package "Return To Sender" and leave for your Carrier.  This is proof of a refusal needed to process a refund for late arriving packages after your requested 'ArriveBy' date.

Requesting an 'Arrive By' Date:  most of our items allow you to select an 'Arrive By' date.  You may have different 'Arrive By' dates for each item you order. If an item does not have this feature activated you may request an 'Arrive By' date in the COMMENTS section during checkout. Considering we ship within 3 days and it takes 2 days to arrive, we ask that you request an 'Arrive By' date that is 5 days from today (the day you order).

Once you place your order you will notice that your order status is 'Awaiting Fulfillment'. During this status you may cancel your order for a full refund of items and shipping charges. The day before your order ships your status will change to "Your Order is Baking". While we have incurred costs at this point, we do not charge a fee and will issue a full refund for items and shipping charges. When your order ships, your status will change to "Shipped'.  At this point, we have incurred the full costs of product, packaging, and shipping.  Cancellations after shipping will incur an Interception Fee of $35.00 and shipping charges will not be refunded.  The Interception Fee is the average charge to us by USPS to locate, intercept, and return a shipped package to us.
How to Track Your Package