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Shipping Policy



During Summer Months some categories require Overnight AIR 1-Day shipping.  Without proper shipping your order will NOT ship.  You will be notified via phone or email to upgrade your shipping if you select standard 2-day shipping.


Cheesecake  ~  Bread Pudding  ~  Cobblers  ~  Pies


Yes, we bake when you order.

No order is shipped the same day. We ship within 3 days from receipt of order.  Please become familiar with our Baking & Shipping Process.  This will help you to better plan arrivals.



Our Bake & Ship Process

DAY-1:  You Place order

DAY-2:  We pull orders from previous day to process and prepare to bake.

DAY-3: Your order is baked and packed.

DAY-4: Your order is shippedYour tracking number is generating during packaging. Watch your order travel with the email notifications received directly from USPS. (NOTE: we do not ship on Friday because both Friday and Saturday shipments arrive on Monday and we do not want your order in the mail the additional day. Therefore, your order will ship on Saturday and arrive Monday.  However, when there is a holiday weekend where Monday is a holiday, highly perishable items will be held until Tuesday so that it will only travel for two days.)

DAY-5: Order arrives via Overnight Air

DAY-6: Order arrives via Priority Mail 2-day shipping



Order Processing SCHEDULE


if you order on:


your order is baked on:


your order is shipped on:


your order arrives on:

Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Monday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
Tuesday Thursday/Friday Saturday* Monday


Friday Saturday Monday**
Thursday Saturday/Sunday Monday Wednesday
Friday Saturday/Sunday Monday Wednesday
Saturday Monday Tuesday Thursday

*Friday shipments are the SAME as Saturday because both a Friday or Saturday shipments will arrive to you on Monday.  To avoid your order traveling an additional day we do not ship on Fridays.

** Tuesday arrivals are likely to arrive on Monday.



BUSY HOLIDAYS throughout the Year

HOLIDAYS are a very busy time for us.  We strongly suggest ordering as much in advance as possible when you need to have your order ARRIVE BY a specific date.


Super Bowl

St. Valentine Day

March Easter  

Mother's Day (1st Sunday),

Memorial Day (4th Monday)


Father's Day

July Independence Day  
September Labor Day (1st Monday)  
October Halloween  
November Thanksgiving (4th Thursday)  


New Years



Proper shipping is important to the quality of our products. Our Standard shipping methods are: USPS Priority Mail (2-day) OR Overnight AIR (1-day).  

  • FedEx and UPS shipping is available upon request.  In this case we would send you a Paypal Invoice for the shipping difference.

Each order is packaged according to the contents. We consider location, weather, as well as the contents when properly packaging your order.


During checkout you have the option of 2-day or 1-day shipping.


1-Day Overnight Air is recommended on delicate or highly perishable items like:

  • Layer Cakes with Fruit Fillings and Tall 4-Layer Cakes (i.e. Cassata Cake)
  • ALL Cheesecakes
  • Fruit Topped Upside Down Cakes
  • Fruit Topped Coffeecakes

We do not ship these items during SUMMER MONTHS:

  • Cheesecakes
  • Cobblers
  • Pies
  • Bread Pudding

Failure to select the proper 1-day shipping for these select items could result in order cancellation if we are unable to reach you via phone or email.  Upon confirmation with you, if you choose to use 2-day shipping you waive the right to a refund for damaged or perished items. View our Return & Refund Policy.


Items marked 'Seasonal' or 'Highly Perishable' are not recommended during summer months.  However, if you select a Seasonal Item during summer months, please upgrade shipping to 1-day Overnight Air. We will not be responsible for seasonal and highly perishable items that travel 2-day or to 3-day zones.

Without proper shipping we will attempt to contact you via phone and email if we feel that shipping should be upgraded on your order.


Your location may be in a 3-day Zone.  In this case, upgrading  to 1-day shipping will have no affect. You may request or require UPS or FEDEX shipping because of your location or preference. These carriers may be able to offer faster shipping.  Oftentimes they may be your only shipping option for you remote/rural area.


Watch your package as it travels! When your shipping label is generated we attach your email address.  This will prompt email notifications from USPS so that you can watch your package travel until it is delivered to your door. If you are not receiving email notifications, you may also log-in to your order to get the tracking number. If neither are available, please call or email us so that we can look it up for you.



Incorrectly addressed package takes about 2 weeks to return to us.  Therefore, we have no way of knowing if a package is being returned to us until it is physically received. If the Post Office is not updating your tracking number to show movement, please contact us. 

INCORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS: If you gave us the incorrect address please send us an email before the order is shipped. After the order has been shipped, unfortunately, you will need to re-order.