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Styles & Themes

Party Styles & Themes

Your party style or theme should be appropriate for age, event, and the ultimate goal of you having a party in the first place.  Depending on whether your party is meant for the ultimate good time, networking, or acknowledging someone else, the party style or theme should support that effort.

Here are some party style suggestions to consider before you decide on a theme.

  Dessert Buffet - with or without Servers allows you and your guests to move freely throughout the event to converse and enjoy.  Depending on where you event is being held you will likely need to enlist help.  Asking family and friends, or hiring help may be necessary to setup your buffet, replenish the buffet station during the party, and possibly serve guests.
  Dessert Tables are custom designed to match your party theme.  Guests can enjoy a variety of dessert selections from your beautiful dessert table. It's easy to setup your Dessert Buffet with serving trays, cake plates and disposables, to create a magnificent dessert display in which guests and serve themselves. Checkout some DIY (do-it-yourself) video on DNCtv to help you achieve just that.
  Cocktail Party Style Catering allows you and your guests to be elegantly served from dessert trays hosting a variety of irresistible, bite-sized desserts.  Passed-dessert catering is the most stylish service of the dessert catering trend.